A poorly managed business social media campaign, however, can easily backfire if the right measures are not put in place by key people in your organization. Social media is in real time, and things can go wrong in a millisecond.

You would think that most marketing professionals understand the need to use corporate branding on social media. Yet, far too many businesses forget to do just that. For some reason, when people engage online, they very often forget common business courtesy and speak more freely about the negative aspects of others .Bashing your competition is a big no-no that will make your business look very bad to your followers, and it could get you in legal hot water. Never use social media marketing  for venting or for saying negative things about your competitors. Letting an inexperienced person manage your social media marketing program is never a good idea. It’s downright irresponsible. Consider that companies have been sued over slanderous or fraudulent posts on social media sites. To maximize your efforts with business social media, consider opportunities to interact online to be a veritable goldmine for connecting with your prospects in real time. Respond directly to comments and questions and follow up with a personal message if the user provides a phone number or email address in his or her account information. Also social media marketing  is all about writing a good engaging post that your audience will not only like to read, but will also respond to. Social media is a two-way street, but too often companies forget that and instead use it merely as a broadcast medium. Essentially  social media marketing  implementations generate engaging content (posts, articles, images, videos, contests and campaigns). Social media interfaces with all departments of the organization. It is very difficult for any external agency to manage this mode of communication. Social media  marketing implementations requires a very acute sense of business and domain understanding. Most companies offering social media services don’t have enough domain expertise. Social media is very dynamic. The rules and offering change very regularly. It is not possible for anyone who doesn’t live, breathe and eat social to be up-to-date.

The breadth of capabilities required for good social media implementation makes it cost prohibitive to implement internally.